Thursday, March 23, 2006

Major spring cleaning due

My cubicle's a mess. I need to clean up again next week...*sigh* lazy lah...

Slept around 10.30pm yesterday, which is EXTREMELY early for a creature of the night like moi. Why? Got nothing to do I guess. I finished class at 7.20pm and by 8pm I was already at the mamak near my home having dinner. Gone are the days when I have cell group meetings at 8.30pm...

Speaking of cell groups, since the departure of Pastor Daniel, our regular cell group was homeless and had to be "absorbed" by another cell group which meets on Friday nights in Ampang. At the moment it is kinda impossible for me to join because of my commitment to Manulife RB's BODYPUMP® & BODYCOMBAT®.

So what's going to happen next month is I'm dropping the MRB classes and taking up 2 slots in Cheras Leisure Mall. Kinda odd, considering that last year I was trying so hard to get 2 Friday slots in MJH(now MRB of course)... *sigh*

Anyhow, orgininally I was only taking Leisure Mall's 7.00pm RPM® but last week Eric asked if I could take over Grace's 5.30pm BODYPUMP® as well. Since I'm always deprived of BODYPUMP® slots, of course I agreed lah.

Here's a picture of Eric with his masterpiece. He did a brilliant work with the launch deco.

Besides MRB, I'm also rearranging the entire schedule for the next quarter- more details next Friday. Looking at my new schedule, I'm going to be deprived of BODYCOMBAT® & BODYATTACK® and over-RPM®ed...

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