Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Les Mills Quarterly Workshops

Last weekend was Les Mills Quarterly Workshops in FF The Curve. Normally I would just go for RPM® on Friday but since Jacq asked me to attend BODYSTEP® as well, I obliged...

As expected, they were quite a number people I don't know their names because I don't teach BODYSTEP®. Here in the centre is of course the Big Brother of Fitness First, Peter. He's one amazing guy who can do 6-7 classes a day.

The workshop started with an education session with Jacq(about 30 mins), followed by the Masterclass. I think I did quite okay in the class.

The moment the class ended, I immediately changed my clothes for the RPM® workshop. Turned out quite good actually. Was planning to head home after that, but Jacq begged asked me to join her and a few others for Fatty Crab in Taman Megah.

Yup, we sure whacked the food.

Next day was BODYCOMBAT® & BODYPUMP® workshops. What was the verdict on the new BODYCOMBAT® 27?

Should be a fun release... Just look how happy we are! From left, that's Jon, Terence(a.k.a. DR Combat), Alex, Eugene and the lovely Crystal, the new GXC of FF IOI Mall.

Here's pic with BODYCOMBAT® Master trainer John Kelly(the kwai lo 3rd from left) of Australia. Also there were Peter(not the BODYSTEP® Peter- next to me), and Michelle(the only gal in the pic).

That was also a FF staff meeting with the instructors, where it was announced that FF is sending her to Jakarta. Adieu to you and don't miss us too much...

After that was the BODYPUMP® workshop, which turned out to be quite a nice workout too. Didn't take pics coz I had to rush for church music practice.

All workshops are over, so now it's rush hour as we have only 2 weeks to get ready for the new launch!