Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Naik lagi...

Most of you, like me, probably woke up to discover that the price of petrol has gone up again.

What can we do? Can't really complain much since the price of petrol is still subsidised. Of course people will still lament the price hike, that's natural, but I really beh tahan when I read this:

Engineer consultant Simon Chong said it would be a huge burden to all consumers.

Now I need to pay RM2.15 for every litre of V-Power fuel,” he said, adding that he was alerted by his friends about the increase yesterday.

Oi, uncle... you know or not got regular RON 97 petrol? People worry about the regular stuff, you wanna complain about premium petrol?

I think I need more classes...*sigh*... sometimes I envy people like Jon Tan, a PT and fellow RPM instructor who cycles to work.