Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hot Monday

No, not the weather but the class. Apparently someone forgot to switch on the air con of the cycling studio in FF Menara Summit and we ended up having a sauna RPM®. I switched on the fans but they were blowing at the members and not at the stage. It also didn't help that I just finished a tough BODYPUMP® before that. My body was heating up like never before by track 2 and I just managed to push through the next few tracks. Right about after the Interval track, I was in dire need of a recovery. Fortunately, Ping was shadowing me(just to practise) so I asked her to cover the 6th track. Halfway through the air-con finally came but it's one of those "too-late" moments. Anyhow, I continued with the remaining tracks. Definitely the hottest class- one member could even write on the glass "H-E-L-P"...

Speaking of hot classes, the response for the Les Mills quarterly workshop has been overwhelmingly good this time... so much so that they have to organize double BODYPUMP® & RPM® Masterclasses this time round. Friday the first class will be conducted by Wes and Andrew(S'pore) while the 2nd by Tracy & Eric Chin. I was thinking of going for the earlier class but Jacq had "seduced" me into joining the BODYSTEP® Masterclass which is at the same time. BODYSTEP® then RPM®!

If anyone is expecting me to make a mess in BODYSTEP®, just so you know... I was attending BODYSTEP® long before I picked up RPM®, even to the point of considering teaching it. I could be rusty now but I think I should do fine.

Yesterday after I ate at Vietnam Kitchen, the 2nd time in as many weeks.

in 1UHad the same thing twice- Lemongrass Chicken.

Last week, I was there for work. This time was with OCD to meet up with my relatives from Sydney.

Dunno what food this is called... it's like DIY poh piah.

Couldn't stay long because of my restricted 1-hour lunch break...