Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valen Goh

What do you get when you mix Valentine's Day with Chap Goh Meh? The fellas back in my Penang church coin a new name- VALEN GOH.

Valentine's Day

So let's start with Valentine's Day. For a change, there was no candle light dinner for two. No roses or stuffed idiots toys. I had 2 & a half classes at Menara Axis (half a class pumping with leng lui). So by the time I finished the classes, it was already 8.35pm. I had initially booked the buffet dinner at Armada but I bluffed gf that it was too late to eat a valentine dinner. Then gf suggested that she cooked at her place. Since she was so into it, I just cancelled the booking and we ate at her place instead:)

It was almost like a restaurant dinner minus the candle light. We had soup, main dish, sparkling juice and dessert. Appreciate the effort of gf to make it a cheap cost-effective and memorable dinner.

After dinner, the parents came out of their room for supper. Her sis also came back at about the same time. So we went upstair to do the most important thing of the day.. GIFTS EXCHANGE! So here's what I got from gf...

She got the right brand too! So what did I get her? Well, if you know me, I'm not that sort of person that would blow my horn here, even though this IS my blog and by right it should be about ME. So just head over gf's blog and I'm sure she'll be sharing her side of the story.

Chap Goh Meh

I was invited to dine with gf's family. No firecrackers, no oranges- they were having steamboat. Introducing gf's parents...

There were loads of food prepared, including 6 big juicy prawns... which only gf and dad ate.

Thanks to the air con, it wasn't too hot.

I didn't stay long after the dinner was over, coz I had to go home to do housekeeping before OCD's return the next day(he had followed me to Ipoh on Friday to meet his customers, and then followed my nephew who was in Ipoh also back to Penang).