Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wonder Woman Returns!

Maybe not that one but this one.

Never knew someone so passionate about seeing squatting loo- I can almost imagine her standing there with teary eyes singing "Negaraku".

Anyway, she invited me to join them(with a few GXCs) for dinner and since I couldn't shouldn't eat seafood, they decided to dine at Thai Express at the Curve.

Jacq reached home yesterday evening for this weekend's workshop and she's staying at...

Alright... she's around town and you'll see her at the workshop in FF The Curve. The GXCs were doing some demo in KL yesterday night and only Crystal, leng lui,Lynn and Cindy could make it. Lynn stayed briefly while the rest ordered something to eat.

The restaurant usually closes at 10pm and we only left at 10.30pm. Then we went to Jacq's hotel room for more food/gossip. I was a bit scared of the fact that I was the only guy but they all assured me that I would be safe.

Tempting, ladies... but I'm in a serious relationship already, OK?

Jokes aside, we had finger food and just talked and laughed till it was 11pm. Man, wish I don't have to wake up early for work.. Arrgghh!!!!