Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CNY review: First Day

Guess where I went early in the morning?

Even though it's the first day of CNY, it's still a Sunday and church service was on. This is my home church in Penang- Penang Christian Centre(PCC) or sometimes known as "pom chak chak"(think waltz). Normally the church has a Sat service at 7.30pm and Sunday service at 10am. Because of CNY, the Sat service was cancelled while the Sunday service started 1 hour early at 9am. Thanks to Lye Ean who smsed me the day before, I knew of the time change. However, there were a few people who came in halfway while the sermon was on.

I sat next to Willie and Danny(the Chen bros).

I didn't linger after the service. The guys/gals decided to watch Fearless at night so confirmed my attendance before heading home. Dunno if family decided to suddenly go out early to hunt for ang pow visit our loved ones, so better be safe. Well, everyone was still at home when I reached. There was a cousin and his family visiting. Eldest bro and his family were here also. Sister didn't come back from Shanghai this time- she'll be back only in March after her meeting in Bangkok.

By the way, this is how I looked on the first day.

There were more people at our place after that. My uncle from Brisbane brought 2 of his 6 children back this time.

Mom wore a nice blue mandarin collar blouse- come to think of it, I don't recall her ever wearing red for CNY. Maybe when she was younger, perhaps.

After much delay, the hunting finally started around 1pm. Only managed to visit 4 houses this time. Gone are the days where we visit our relatives for the full 3 days. Too many have passed on...

Some of the relatives we paid respect to and they pay us back with their ang pow:

Evening didn't do much at home but slept to prepare for the midnight Fearless.

Quite a lot of people, Serene had bought the tickets in the afternoon. Overall, it was a good movie but the ending was a bit anti-climax.

And that's how the first day went...