Friday, March 03, 2006

Instructors have periods too

4 times a year, instructors go through an anticipation period followed by an anxiety period. The first anticipation period of 2006 ended last week, so now it's the beginning of the anxiety period. The anticipation period is pretty much the same for all instructors but the stress level of the anxiety period differs- the more programmes you teach, the more stress you get.

After getting my new DVD/CD sets, I started with BODYCOMBAT® of course. And 1 week later, I have suddenly gone a bit sick of listening to the music. So for the next 1 week, I'll be listening to More BODYPUMP® and RPM® then BODYCOMBAT®.

What about BODYATTACK®?

I've learned from experience. I'm not going to learn the new BODYATTACK® choreography until the launch is over. After all, I don't have any BODYATTACK® class yet.... Darn!

By the way, the lauch will begin on 17 March with FF Wisma Consplant & FF Menara Maxis. As usual, I'm involved in BODYCOMBAT & RPM launch.

I was just planning to write a very short entry to say that I'm busy again. Funny how it turns out...