Sunday, March 26, 2006

This is no happy blogging

I sometimes wonder how your brain works. U think you're funny with your sarcastic remarks tonight with the restaurant captain and about me not treating you before. WIth your dead pan look, you sounded like one who has no respect for the captain. AND you sure sounded like you have no respect for me as a person at all.

How many times you asked me to buy burger... and how many times did I ever ASK you to pay? There were times I said it wasn't necessary and you insisted on paying. At times I just buy the food and leave it on the table, not expecting anything but the next morning you left the money there.

Me being calculative? You(or could be Eric, I'm not too sure) wanted to go for dinner together so 3 of us sat down and ate. The bill came and you took the bill and paid the waiter... and then divided the bill among us. What the...???

U think it's easy to have 2 jobs at the same time? U think I always come home full of energy and follow your OCD pattern to clean the rooms? I'd like to see you follow me around the gyms for 1 week and see how "OCD clean" you can maintain the apartment.

Sis said she saw a wardrobe which cost about rm200 and you commented the quality is not good and no point getting it... HELLO, unless you are planning to buy the wardrobe for me to keep my stuff, please keep your opinion to yourself.

I wish I could move out and we don't have to have this occassional episodes. I know you are used to staying alone and having someone intruding your privacy is something you're not used to. I sure hope I could be getting my own place by next year so everything will always be good between us.

Overall, you are an ok brother but for the time being, you are such a pig.

(My apologies to my Muslim readers)