Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We're having street fights this weekend

Not on the streets though. It's Les Mills new launch weekend and we're doing BODYCOMBAT® 27 which has a "street fight" theme.

So what's a street fight? I've got a few pictures to show you how it should look like:

Who ever said street fight is fair fight? Sometimes the police will have to get involved.

We have girl fight too...

Occasionally, we have confrontations between the people and the authority.

But most of the time, everybody just wants to have a good time of ruthless agression.

OK, do take note of the pictures and think of what you can wear for the class. Just so you know, the instructors involved in the launch are:

Calvin "FCI" Chiang , Terence "#1 in Tianjin" Tan, Crystal Tan, Renee "Hooligan" Low, Swee, and yours truly.

Come see us work out in our street wear!

(darn... I should be learning RPM® tracks and not blogging!!)