Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fitness First Thailand

Outside Landmark Plaza

I had planned for this visit to Fitness First in Thailand way back in July. After getting help from BTS Talk forum, I found that the Landmark Plaza branch was the nearest to where we were staying. Since we took it easy with Chinatown earlier, we still had energy for BodyCombat there.

Ok, before you say that I'm obsessed with gym stuff, allow me to clarify. Yes, I am obsessed with gym stuff, but this has nothing to do with my obsession. You see, I still need to work out even when I am on holiday. This is because if I don't, I'm gonna be in trouble when I return to work at FF. So I dd what I could and incorporated the workout into my holidays- besides, I thought it would be cool to see how the blokes teach Body Combat in the land of Muay Thai.

The moment the lift opened on the 4th floor, this was what greeted me.

Fitness First in any language... is still Fitness First

My gf and I had obtained our FF international Passport so that we could use the facilities overseas. So you see, it's good to belong to an international gym:) If you are a FF member, please remember to get this booklet from the front desk of the gym before you go overseas, ya...

Don't ever leave Malaysia without it!

We were there at about 5pm and I was disappointed that I'd got the BodyCombat scheduled wrong and the class was at 7.15pm and not 6.15pm. The great thing is though BodyJam was starting at 5.15pm and there's an RPM with a kwai lo master trainer, Carla(dunno her last name). Carla used to present RPM and BodyCombat in KL during the quarterly workshops with Ben Tang of Singapore. My gf decided to join the BodyJam while I was still thinking whether to wait till 7.15pm for BC or go ahead with RPM instead. Later gf reminded me that the main purpose of my visit was to workout and stay fit so it should not matter which class I go to, even if I was in a BodyCombat attire. Sometimes when you are undecided in life, it's good to have a partner who can paint a clearer picture for you- RPM, here I come!


Anyway, back in the locker room, I was pleased to find the same spacious lockers. I could be wrong, but I think Fitness First has one of the biggest lockers around. I remember last time I was teaching in another centre and I had to stuff my bag into the tiny locker which was less than half the size of what FF has... Some more I had to buy a padlock for it!

Anyhow, while waiting for Carla's class, I did some weights and walked around the gym. The juice bar area was kinda nice. The only thing is they didn't serve 100-plus, but they got one of fav soft drinks, the green tutti-fruitti one.

spacious and clean...

their VCD library

My gf finished her class at about 6.15pm. It's confirmed, they teach in English at Fitness First Thailand! The BodyJam class was taught by a lady named Joy. I later saw her wearing the personal trainer uniform- so she is a PT and instructor, like some of the folks here in KL, eg. Ben, Sue, Serana, Kannan(our resident Iron Man- all the best in the Hawaii challenge!), etc.

So I went for Carla's class. Outside the studio, she spotted me in my BodyCombat attire and I think I looked familiar to her. We chatted a bit and she told me that she's doing the old songs- I was kinda hoping she would do the new release since I hadn't learnt it yet and I was supposed to teach it on Sunday. Apparently they were doing similar launches like Malaysia the following week.

The class was nice, though I find it odd that I was the only guy in the first row- all the blokes were in the last 2 rows. Carla was superb as usual and I really took the opportunity to observe and copy how she led the class- she's a bit different from the quarterly where I think she was harder on us instructors. I had the most fun RPM class since I started teaching it. Members may not realise this but somehow, it's different when you don't have to worry about what song is next, what riding position to use, how fast you should be cycling, or what to say and just keep cycling. Man, I really need to reduce my RPM classes and start attending others'...

After the class, I spoke to her again and was kinda sad to find out that she would not be coming to KL again for the Dec quarterly. I think most of us miss seeing her especially in BodyCombat with Ben. Looks like Alani will be back for RPM, BodyCombat, and BodyPump again.

Gf was already done bathing when I came out of the class. So I took a quick shower and we left the place around 8pm.

FF promo

We went to the Patphong night market after that but gf did most of the shopping this time. We also bought some souvenirs for our friends and colleagues(speaking of which, I still haven't given to my colleagues because I keep forgetting to bring them to work). The area is actually a small road, sandwiched between pubs that featured ladies doing their thing with poles on stage. Unless you're into those things, it's better to go Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Lumphini with more variety.

We didn't stay long because we were done buying, so we headed home for dinner at the Pizza Company in Thong Lo to celebrate my birthday. Great Pizza with free soft drink refils available... I would definitely support them should they decide to venture here.

Tomorrow's the last day in Bangkok!