Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something on BODYATTACK®...

To answer a certain fatboy,"No, you don't really need to put '®' after each mention of BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP®..." At least that's what I think. You definitely don't have to use the programme colour as well- I'm just having fun with colours... Besides, it makes me look more professional.

Okay, now back to the subject of BODYATTACK®.

I was visiting Les Mills International's web site and found this article.

By conducting a scientific study, the experts find that BODYATTACK® is by far the most active of Les Mills programmes. Do take a visit to read the entire article, ya?

Anyhow, after 3 days on Eurycoma Longifolia, I'm pleased to report that I am feeling great in my classes. Yesterday during BODYCOMBAT®, I tried to do as many songs as possible without taking a break. I only stopped after track 3 and track 5 because I wanted to demo the jump kick and back kick. Other than that, it was quite a "press play and go" session. After that, I changed attire and went for RPM® and it was another explosive session. So far so good as I prepare for next week's training...

This Friday 21 Oct is a Selangor state holiday, so I will be resting at home(or may go for foot reflexology session near home in Bandar Menjalara). However, I still have a BODYPUMP® class in the evening at Fitness First Menara John Hancock but two holiday classes scheduled for Fitness First The Curve have been cancelled... it's a normal working day for the gym. Anyhow I'm not complaining. I had earlier asked Riyo for classes in mid-September(yes, I'm THAT kiasu) without the knowledge of the BODYATTACK® training.

2 more weeks and Ramadhan is over... can't wait to balik kampung!! The traffic on the federal highway has been horrendous since the beginning of the fasting month- the jam starts early and last Monday I was almost late for my BODYPUMP® class at Fitness First Menara Summit- going to Summit has always been a challenge for me because normally if I leave office on time, I will normally arrive 15 mins before class(last Monday I reached the gym with only 5 minutes to spare). I feel the least stress with FF Menara Axis(Tuesday) because it's only 10 mins' jog from my office- should anything happen, I will still be able to make it. The other places I teach on weekdays are FF Damansara Uptown(Wed), FF Wisma Consplant opposite Subang Parade(Thu) and FF Menara John Hancock and the traffic are more manageable even during this month. The problem with going to Menara Summit is you have to go through both the federal highway jam AND the Persiaran Kewajipan jam.

Aiyoh, it's raining somemore now... but should be ok to reach Damansara Uptown for class at 6.30pm.