Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bangkok recap

1 week ago exactly I was on my way to Bangkok with my gf for a 4 day break, and boy it was wonderful.We actually had to wake up at about 5.30am to catch the Transit to KLIA- gf's dad was kind enough to give us a ride there. Since I already checked the time of the train, we reached the station moments before the transit arrived. By the time we reached KLIA, it was around 6.40am... just the right time to check in.

We had our breakfast at Burger King and walked around the airport till the departure at 8.30am. The flight took about 2 hours 5 minutes and I think most of the passengers, including gf, took the opportunity to catch up with their sleep. I tried but I couldn't sleep... so I did the next best thing.


At about 9.30am local time, we landed safely at the Bangkok International Airport. The moment we entered the airport building, I could smell some thai fragance in the building.

We went straight to immigration get our passports chopped and there was a notice on the pillar.

Obviously there's an error on the notice.... And obviously this guy couldn't care less.

Anyhow, clearing the immigration was a breeze and we went out to take the Airport bus to Big John's Hostel. One thing good about this kwai lo hostel is we were advised on how to get to the place without spending a bomb. The bus is only 100 baht per person and it dropped us right in front of the hostel. However, the weather was much hotter than KL.

Finally, no more hiding my gf's face...

By the time we reached the hostel, it was already 11.30am. We were given our room which was rather small- the bed covered 3 quarter of the room. Then again, can't really expect much from a hostel anyway...

Big John sells loads of pies too

The entrance

I We were quite hungry by then so we decided to go out to look for food. But being new to the area we felt a bit lost walking around, and the hot weather didn't help at all. We later changed our mind and ate at the hostel instead and went back to the room to sleep. We would get up later around 2-3pm when it is much cooler to move around.

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