Friday, October 14, 2005

Fitness First under ATTACKed...

BODYATTACK®, that is!!!

If you're a gym-goer in Klang Valley, probably you would've heard of BodyAttack® . The good news is after years of talking about it, Fitness First has decided to bring in BodyAttack to compliment the other Les Mills classes.


"BODYATTACK® is a cardiovascular interval training program that combines high intensity aerobics, strength and stabilisation exercises."
-Les Mills International

"BODYATTACK® is hard driving music combined with a cardio blast of jumping, kicking and running. No surprises, just simple athletic moves that encourage you to work hard and challenge you to a greater level of fitness. BODYATTACK® can be as intense as you want it to be. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it....BODYATTACK® is not for the faint of heart "
-Sportivo Fitness®

"BODYATTACK® makes you puff, and sweat as it causes your heart rate to soar.... BODYATTACK® is for people who like to push themselves and accept a physical challenge. If you have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure or other health conditions, or if you are under medication or have an injury then you should discuss the suitability of BODYATTACK® with a doctor or qualified personal trainer."
-Les Mills New Zealand

In other words, BODYATTACK® is the mother of all workouts. With a tagline like "Everything else is just a warmup", this is the one that REALLY push you beyond your limits. What you do in this workout is you use your whole being and move to the beat of the music. There are times you need to jump, run, squat, and even do push-ups and crunch. For the fitness fanatics, this is one that has been missing in your lives.

Gee... sounds scary. Why should I do BODYATTACK® ?

• BODYATTACK® is great for anyone who wants to add cross training and variety to their workouts.

• BODYATTACK® is great for anyone looking for a simple, athletic and highly effective fitness class.

• BODYATTACK® is great for anyone who wants to experience a rocket-fueled concoction of music and moves! Time flies by when you’re having fun!

• It is a fast and effective way to increase fitness levels.

The first instructor training was held a month ago at another gym but the next one will be held at Fitness First Wisma SPK on 25th and 26th Oct, and I'm on it! This will definitely be my last Les Mills instructor training(sorry Tracy and Jacq, I will leave BODYJAM® to both of you- my gf said I danced as if I was fighting during the Nike Tribe Challenge final) and focus on the four programmes I have. Goodness, I'm already excited just thinking of it!

For those who aspire to become an instructor, perhaps this would be a good time for me to share a bit on what is expected of a trainee.

First and foremost, you must be FIT! Going into a training without being physically fit is the last thing anyone should do, because during the training you will have to go through hours of challenging workout- we're not talking about just do one class and then you sit down and listen to the lectures. Yes, there are times you get to sit down and listen to the trainer, but more often you are required to be hands-on as you practice your techniques and the choreography.

Second thing, of course is you must be FAMILAR WITH THE PROGRAMME you're going for. Therefore, it is good that you attend as many classes as possible of the programme you want to be trained in. It will help your body to get use to the workout and also work on your technique before the training- don't ever be shy about asking an instructor for assistance when in doubt.

Why did I mention the preparation for a training? Well, here lies my 2 problems.

1) I don't know if I'm fit enough for the BODYATTACK® training.

2) I've never done BODYATTACK® before.

From what I've observed on video, it doesn't look that hard techniquely but it is physically quite demanding, even more than RPM®. I've asked Eric Ting of Fitness First Cheras Leisure Mall how he prepared for it(He went for the first training last month and passed), and he said, "Just go there and do lor..."

Good advice eh?

Some of the moves resemble BODYSTEP®, so I guess Eric has a slight advantage since he is a BODYSTEP® instructor. Looks like I'll need to push myself harder when I teach RPM® and BODYCOMBAT® to get ready physically. As for the technique part, let's just hope my time spent in BODYSTEP® classes 2 years ago helps.