Friday, September 03, 2010

4 months on...

Wow... haven't blogged for ages!

Well, probably have to thank my iPhone & Twitter for that. Nowadays anything I think of I will just twit instead. It takes so much time to go to the computer, log in to blogger before I can speak my mind:)

Anyhow, life has been pretty interesting lately. I have finished my show "Adam:The Musical" in June and will be doing another one end of Nov. This time, however, will be different because:

1) Practice time is only 2 months
2) Show is running for 10 days only
3) I am one of the principals
4) I am doing comedy for a change

Actually I auditioned for 2 shows and had to pull out of one. Not quite pulling out, since the director of the 2nd show was still deciding whether to cast me or not. Basically I had to inform him that I would take up the first offer instead of waiting for him.

If I had waited for the second show and if I got the role, I would probably be playing Joseph(of the new testament) and acting with people like Juwita Suwito and Liang. Instead, I have chosen to do a comedy directed by Mr Potato. Hope the other show does well when it opens in December - the music is fantastic!

Seriously, he is Mr Potato

We've been meeting up once a week for the last 3 weeks to do some mental exercise and have not really done much of the script reading yet. Some of the people involved are fasting. So, practice will pick up pace once Raya is over.

Shall write more about this when the day approaches! But if you know my boss(es), please don't tell her/them about this, ok?



joven said...

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azyei said...

You need to bribe me to keep this a secret from your boss(es). ;-)