Tuesday, September 04, 2012

An Epic Musical not to be missed!

We are 3 weeks away from entering Pentas 1 of klpac, and mind you, it's been one epic journey.

Wifey & I are performance in our 2nd consecutive musicals(first one being Dec 2011's Malaysian Girls) and it is really exciting working with Dama Orchestra.They set their expectations quite high and it seems to me that they are really afraid to let their audience down. All this while, we have heard a lot of good things about them from both audience & performers and now we can understand why.

Did you know that they hired not 1 but 2 dialect teachers for this musical? One for English, and another for Mandarin. Our dialogues are in English but our songs are in Mandarin. Also, we have to pronounce the names of places & people according to the Chinese tones. They want to make sure that our pronunciation is accurate.

Other than that, we have our choreographer who taught us on Tang dynasty mannerism & gestures. Also, apparently our costume designer went to China to do some research and hand made all our costumes for the show. Talk about being detailed!

The songs sound great, and I especially like the battle songs because it really sets the mood, thanks to the excellent musical arrangement.

We are performing 25 shows but 18 shows have already been bought by various organizations. Do try to catch us in one of the 7 public shows. We may add more public shows but it's not confirmed yet. For information of the show dates &  time, please go to the FB event page here.

Hope to see some familiar faces at the lobby after the show:)

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