Monday, November 07, 2005

Video certification for BODYPUMP®

FINALLY.... I have come back to Island Plaza!!!!

One of the things I had planned to do during my DeepaRaya holidays was to go back to Penang and do my BODYPUMP® video certification. In fact I was kinda kiasu- I informed the Fitness First Island Plaza Group-X coordinator Kim like 4-5 months ago. Anyhow, she managed to get me a Saturday slot at 1.05pm, thanks for Paul who was kind enough to pass his usual class to me.

Besides the Saturday classs I was also replacing Michelle on Wednesday at 5.15pm for BODYPUMP®, and on the 2nd day of Raya I did RPM® followed by BODYCOMBAT®... Just the right number of class to stay fit for the holidays.

The main studio, the birthplace of shades the instructor

After 10 months of teaching in Fitness First Klang valley, I still consider FF Island Plaza my home gym. Though many things have changed(i.e. departure of fellow instructors, new faces, etc), it felt good to be "home" again. A bit unfortunate that I could only come back during long breaks and most of the regulars I know were nowhere to be seen.

The cycling studio-I used to sit on the centre bike in front as a member

The cycling studio, otherwise known to the hardcore members as "the torture chamber", was one place I'd never imagine would play a major role in my work. I still remember attending my first ever RPM® class with Tracy instructing... my first reaction in the class was, "THIS IS INHUMAN!!!" Now, I'm doing it 5 times a week.

The free weights area

Cardio machines

Juice bar

On Saturday, I managed to get a church friend Gabriel to tape the class for me. I got in early and tried to remain calm. The class started like any class I conducted but I was nervous, especially in the warm-up track. Anyhow, everything went well till the back track, when a member requested "California" for triceps workout and Cat's mom Joanne asked for "Olympia"... I looked at the video camera for a short moment and I obliged by changing the songs. I did okay with "Olympia" but I messed up the beginning of "California".... *sigh* Anyway, I'll just send the DVD over and let Les Mills Australia review me-lah.

So happened that FF Island Plaza was doing a demo after my certification class, so I went down to the 1st floor with gf and watch it. Apparently they are having a open day next weekend and NON-MEMBERS are welcome to come to the gym and get a taste of what FF can offer.

That's Celia on the left and her twin on the right

Kim doing some BODYJAM® move, I think

Hopefully the video certification will turn out good. Otherwise, I'll have to do another one next year. Only this time, I'll remind the members that I'm doing a recording....