Thursday, November 24, 2005

Finally, gym stuff again

After more than a week of not blogging about gym, it's time to go back to the topic.

BODYATTACK® has finally arrived at Fitness First!

The first place to kickstart it was FF Island Plaza on Tuesday and yesterday it was FF The Curve. I have yet to get any info on the Penang launch but according to a little bird, 75 members managed to get themselves signed up for the launch at The Curve. In fact, a few had to be turned away...

So how did it go? I'm sure the instructors had a ball, but what about the members? Well, here are some comments...

"Went for launch today at curve. damn tiring man this thing. almost fainted. I think i am gonna be a fan of BA...."

"I did half class oledi(sic) dying. haha... Last nite taught by Jac, Riyo, Lynn & Jeremy. Jacqueline very good in all movements. like to c(sic) her doing it. I think coming Sat in Axis will b(sic) same instructors gua(sic)."

Keywords in BODYATTACK®: tiring, fainted, dying- no kidding. Actually it's very challenging and you just have to try it at least once instead of passing it as being too difficult.

FF members, you still have today, Friday and Saturday to try out BODYATTACK® at FF Wisma SPK, FF Cheras Leisure Mall, FF Menara Summit and FF Menara Axis. Whatever you do, please be there early coz there will A LOT of people going for the classes. If you are not a member but you're interested, do check out the website and for contact details of a Fitness First near you.

For your information, the current release is BODYATTACK® 50(yes, it's been around longer than BODYCOMBAT®) and I have the track list:

I Love My Radio Primero
Sex Party Playaz
Rock It OneZeroOne
C'mon Ride It (The Train) Rhythm Twins
It's The Incredible Fast Crew
I Was Made For Loving You Southern Lights
Cherry Bomb DJ Denzi
Miracle KopyKatz
Thug Boy Breeze & Styles
Get Down On It Blue feat. Kool & The Gang
Breakaway Kelly Clarkson