Friday, November 18, 2005

I felt so naked yesterday

Normally I wake up somewhere betweeen 6.45am and 7am to go to work, but yesterday I overslept and woke up at about 7.20am... "S***! I'm late for work!!!!" (work starts at 8am, you see).

Heck, I had not even packed for gym yet! So I really rushed like a mad bull, grabbing whatever top/shorts/pants I could find and stuff them all into my bag, forgetting my wraps for BODYCOMBAT®. I didn't even have time to wash my face- just brushed my teeth and combed my hair, not before I changed into my office gear, of course.

By the time I got into the it was already 7.40am...I was a bit relieved- because of the long school break , going from Bandar Menjalara to Jln 223, PJ should take about just less than 20 mins(If school were on, it would've taken me 30-45 mins!!)

As I drove my car, I just realised that I didn't bring my phone out and by then it was already too late to turn back. So the whole day I was feeling a bit awkward... I've got so used to having a mobile phone around that it almost felt like I didn't wear my underwear to work(I checked in the toilet- my underwear was on, so it must be because of the phone). I informed my gf that I was phone-less for the day but my concern was what if OCD brother wanted to contact me for something urgent like buying supper for him. Also, if any of the Fitness First GXCs should need help to cover classes I would have been unreachable(not that I could be of much help to them since I have classes everyday except Saturday).

Anyhow, by the time I got home and checked the phone... NO ONE CALLED EXCEPT MY GF! Of course I appreciate my gf checking if I'd reached home safely but... Am I that unpopular? Darn, the only SMS I got was from Maxis telling me that my usage has reached RM75. *sigh*

Anyhow, classes at FF Wisma Consplant were good. Although for the first time in many months the RPM® class wasn't full, the BODYCOMBAT® class had a good response. Finally got to meet Leech again who earlier blog about my hot pants. There were a couple of chinese nationals attending my class for the first time too(Actually didn't know they were foreigners till I spoke with them later- recommended them to join my fav BODYCOMBAT® instructor Terence's class.)

Today I'm taking a break from teaching at FF Damansara Uptown. Instead, I will be heading first to FF Menara John Hancock to say "goodbye/thank you" to the members who had been supporting me during my time there, and apologize that I had to move to FF Damansara Uptown(something sort of unavoidable). After that, a couple of instructors and I have tuition with Jeremy, the BODYATTACK® head teacher, FF Menara Axis at 8pm- It'll be my first time doing BODYATTACK® again since my finished my training on 26 Oct.

Speaking of BODYATTACK®, the launch will begin on 22 Oct, starting with FF Island Plaza Penang. Even though I am not involved in the lunch launch, I will most likely attend the 2pm class on 26 Nov at FF Menara Axis. Oh, my fav fatboy BODYPUMP® participant will be there too...