Monday, November 28, 2005

Attacking Axis

Last Saturday was the final leg of the week long BODYATTACK® launch and the final stop was Fitness First Menara Axis.

Top for sale at RM25.... still available the last time I check

The class was scheduled for 2pm and when I reached there at 1pm, there were already quite a lot of people waiting for the registration to begin. After chit chatting for a while, I realised that the members were not as kiasu as I had expected- nobody was lining up at the front desk. Even with 10 mins left before they open the registration, still no queue. So I did everyone the next best thing- I asked a few members to stand with me at the front desk.... and the rest of the world finally got the hint and joined the cue queue.

This is another queue to enter the main studio...

Your instructors for the afternoon(in alphabetical order): Jacqueline, Jeremy, Peter and Riyo.

The final discussion...

Oh, FF's most famous goatee member was able to make it for the class.

So smart of him to wear orange... hard not to notice him in the class

As expected, the class was full- some didn't even get a spot because they were 2-3 mins late. I was supposed to join the class as well, but since it was my off day and I'd been booked to watch a movie with gf later, I decided to just go there to see fatboy suffer the fun... And since I had nothing much to do, I was asked to help out in the video camera department.

Here we go!

Watching the class was something. The members were really into it- at least most of them were. Some had been doing BODYATTACK® since Wed's launch at The Curve, while for some, this was their first time doing the most intense Les Mills programme.

Members moving to the beat

The thing about BODYATTACK® is it has a push up as a recovery track halfway through the workout- you normally get push up tracks at the end of BODYSTEP® or BODYCOMBAT® but never halfway.

Just in case you think this a simple push up... FYI, the track is about 5 min and you basically spend most of the time doing variations of the push up. It's not a pleasant experience actually.. but darn challanging for the instructors!

After a short "recovery", the class went back into high gear and 4 more calorie killers.

Pony hop to the music "Cherry Bomb"... notice the guy in orange again

For the last track before the cool down, we got a lower body toning track. I was talking to this member named Albert right before the class. He's been coming back again and again since the launch. Wow...

After a challanging and tough workout, what better to end the class than a beautiful song "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson. For a better recap of the class, click here for a member's point of view- please have a dictionary beside you though.

We all made it... barely

I had fun watching the class, esp. with the video camera I could zoom in to the facial expression of the members. Basically there were 2 catagories of people in the class:

1) those who were really challenged by the workout
2) those were just hoping for it to end as soon as possible.

I'm not trying to make fun of anyone here because I think if I were working out then, I would have fallen into the 2nd catagories too actually... Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and pull yourself through. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the challenge and I will probably with shadowing soon at Menara Axis(hopfully) with Jeremy and leng lui- I've already booked 10 Dec to shadow teach with Eric and Jackson at FF Cheras Leisure Mall.

Thanks for coming... see ya in the next class!

Finally, I took this short video for some of you who have never been to a group-x class before. You also get to see what could happen if Peter was in charge of traffic during rush hour(update: watch out for a certain guy in orange running like a headless chicken).