Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spring cleaning

Today feeling a bit boh-liao in the office. Whole morning, just surfed the net and read newspaper. After lunch, suddenly felt the need to clean up my table.

There you go...

Knowing myself, this serenity will probably last for a few days before the place turns into a war zone again.

Was so looking forward to watch "The Girl From Ipoh" till I got an SMS from the person who's supposed to buy the tickets that no more tickets liao. Man, I wish I could pull someone's goatee out for spoiling my weekend Oh well, have to look for something else to do.

This Saturday is my first without a class-finally managed to release my RPM class in FF Wisma SPK and guess what I am doing in the morning? I'm going to FF Menara Axis to practise BODYATTACK® 50- it's the only time I have to practise....*sigh*