Monday, November 14, 2005

How my Saturday was spent

Instead of practising BODYATTACK® , I practised BODYSLEEP® and woke up at about 10am. This saturday is my first ever OFF DAY(where I neither go to office nor gym) since I started. Of course, my holidays in Bangkok or Penang are not coutned because I still had to do things- this Saturday was the first that I woke up without any agenda planned.

After cleaning my room and watching The Amazing Race, I drove to gf's place to meet up. After lunch, we played around with the new phones and the software on her laptop and since we had nothing planned, I ended up sleeping again for another hour or so at her place. BOY, I MISS AFTERNOON NAP SO MUCH!!!

By about 5, it was time to plan for dinner. Initially I wanted to go to USJ for this restaurant called Satay Vs. Pizza but considering the price of the food there, I'd figured that we could do something else cheaper. So, since we couldn't join the Fitness First gang up enjoying Penang food, we did the next best thing...


The restaurant

Of course, I needed gf's navigation since I know nothing am not familiar with Kajang. She told me of this place with generous portion of satay stick near the Kajang Stadium. After missing a turn, we managed to find our way there eventually.

Satay or Sate?

Sate Haji Samuri apparently is the most famous around with 9 branches, 3 in Kajang. We later found out that there is a branch at Sri Petaling which is SOOOO near gf's place. Oh well, maybe can go more often then?

Quite clean the dining area since the satays are BBQ-ed in another area

We were led to a table by a waitress and she promptly took our orders. They actually serve Mee/Nasi/Kuiw Tiew(that's how it was spelt) but we weren't there for anything by the Satays.

They were pretty generous with the peanut sauce- we were give 1 bowl of it(the normal bowl size you get when you order things like koay teow t'ng). The delivery of satays was relatively fast too.

Gosh... I'm drooling again just looking at the pic!

Big skews + big bowl of peanut sauce = CRESCENDOS OF ECSTASY

gf enjoying her satays...

Perhaps I should change my blog to

Almost finished the sauce

Words fail to express the experience...