Monday, November 07, 2005

Meeting up with Jenc

Going back to Penang for the long break was really something- got the opportunity to savour the delicious Penang food and to catch up with family and friends.

Wednesday night after a hearty dinner in Batu Feringghi at my eldest bro's latest venture, my gf and I went to Bagan to meet up with Jenc.

The place is right opposite Phor Tay on Jalan Bagan Ajam Jermal. It has been around for quite some time now, even before I was transferred to KL, but I was never into bars & stuff(yeah, a pathetic soul I am). Anyhow, Jenc suggested that we meet there since she was going there to meet her salsa buddies.

The keyboardist was brilliant, but not the singer

Since I got my new 3G camera phone, I've been kinda lazy taking my cheapskate camera anywhere I go. The place was a bit dark and I think under such circumstances, the phone did okay lah.

I was kinda surprised that for the eve of a public holiday, the place wasn't packed. Then again, I wasn't complaining.

Jenc came at about 10pm and three of us sat there for a while and chatted before her salsa buddies came. So we moved to the table near the bar and got introduced to Bryan and 2 other girls. Bryan also happens to be Jenc' boss. Can't really remember most of their names now but it's kinda pleasing to know that some of them thought that Jenc is older than me.

Jenc has been addicted to Salsa for some time now, but this is my first experience seeing live salsa dance(probably gf's first too). Bryan was the only guy around, so he had the fun to dancing with Jenc and another girl Samantha while we could only watch in admiration. He's fast and he danced really well... well, at least I can do BODYATTACK®, which is even faster.

Too dark here but the dance was fanstastic!

We didn't stay long coz I wasn't feeling well still and earlier I just practiced BODYATTACK® on my own and did a BODYPUMP® class.

The entrance

It's kinda refreshing to see some latin action while catching up with old friends. Maybe I should get out more often now...