Monday, November 07, 2005

Penang Road Cendol

One of the things you have to eat when you are in Penang is definitely Penang Road Cendol. I couldn't resist it going there with gf, even though I was coughing throughout my holidays(still recovering now).

As usual, the road was congested with patrons having their delicious cendol. Why? Coz if you took cendol into the kopitiam, you have to pay 50 sen extra. If you haven't been there before you may question if it is THAT good... here's a endorsement picture:

The best in Penang and some say Singapore!

gf enjoying her cendol

Actually there's another cendol stall right opposite but Penangites grew up with the impression that the former is better. In all honesty, I have never tried it before and I don't know how it tastes...

Perhaps I should give them a break next time.