Thursday, November 03, 2005

Danny and Su Yin's engagement...

Just came back from Danny & Su Yin's life sentence engagement party with gf, and it's a good opportunity to get in see some of the friends again.

the doc is in
Practising her doctor skills on a chicken wing

Xe Hui was the first person we saw. The amazing lady has done it all... give free public health check-ups in Sarawak, experienced life in a long house, white water rafting, climb Mt Kinabalu, catch "tin kai", date a fruit case, etc.

We were a bit late because of the traffic jam around Gurney Drive and Leslie was already there helping out with the BBQ.

Let's get it started!
BBQ on an electric grill

Barbie Jocelyn and her beau Ken came back from KL too. Now this couple is scary- I seem to bump into them everywhere! I saw them at a pasar malam in KL, I saw them again in Gurney Plaza yesterday afternoon and tonight again!

Danny and Su Yin were there of course, and fortunately for us we were not the last peeps to arrive... Wilson came alone moments later. Su Yin's friends were still on their way- guess they were not aware of the jam too.

Anyhow, we ate and drank, pretty much like young teenagers again teasing one another. It's kinda nice to see couples together except for poor Wilson. So here's a community service from yours truly.


I'm Mr. Lonely~

Name: Wilson Ooi
Age: Mid 20s(I think)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Part-time student/children ministry assistant
DOB: Not too sure

If you are interested, please email him at

Su Yin's eventually arrived and joined in the party and Leslie continued to do the BBQ while Danny and Su Yin can mingle around freely. Perhaps someone should've taken over the work earlier before this happened.

Flame on!

While we were trying to put out the fire, Leslie seemed quite proud of his achievement.

Malaysia boleh!

Anyhow, no harm done and we forgave him....

The pretty chick and the ugly duckling

Anyhow we were watching Sepet on Astro Ria when an S.O.S from my OCD bro came. Apparently he forgot to turn off the headlights of my nephew's car when he went to New Lane for dinner. So we had to leave the party early and fetch him.

Jocelyn and Ken...

Too bad we didn't have much time there- we'll be leaving for KL on Saturday. Oh well... back to the blogsphere again I guess!!!