Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Annual dinners

Annual dinners are something to look forward to. Before my current job, the only annual dinner I had ever attended was with the Ban Hin Lee Bank in January 1995, just right after my STPM. After that, I went back to study and it was another 9 years before I got the opportunity to attend one again. the previous companies I worked for either didn't have such gathering or I wasn't able to attend it. The closest thing to attending an annual dinner then was the staff party by Giordano in 2001 but I was away in Singapore for a month in a so-called attachment training. This time however, I am delighted to have not 1, but 2 annual dinners to attend.

As usual, my office is organising the annual dinner in January and there's a different theme for every year. in 2004, it was "Shanghai Nite" at Sunway and 2005 we had "Arabian Night" at Le Meridian. Both times I had a nice experience- 2004 I won the Best Dressed Male Award and the 2nd prize of the lucky draw(a Siemen washing machine which we are currently using) while early this year I came in third in the company idol competition(like the last Malaysian Idol competition, I lost because the winning group had 1.2 million votes) and I was one of the finalists for Best Dressed Male Award. Come this 14th January, the theme is "Latin Fiesta" and it will be held at the Grand Plaza Park Royal. I think most of the people will be going for latin dance costumes, but I will just go as Zorro. After all, I look hot in black I think I have the built to carry the character well.

Arabian Night- gf was still in the same company then...

As for the 2nd annual dinner, it's happening tomorrow at Sunway and it's Fitness First. The theme is "Night of the Stars"- think Oscar, think Academy Awards, think glamour. I was initially thinking of renting a tuxedo for the event but I just don't have the time to look for one. So, I'll just wear my coat lah. It's funny to note the contrast of the 2 annual dinners: 1 group of people so used to be so uptightwearing formal wear will be going crazy with fancy costumes while another group who usually look sporty/casual will try to look corporate for once.

Anyway, I do hope to win something again this time, be it Fitness First or the other company. For the other company, the first prizes of the lucky draw two years in a row have been huge screen TVs, so it would be nice to win one too. As for FF, I don't know what to expect but I think it will be great to see the instructors, especially the ladies, all dressed to the nines.

There should be loads of pictures to blog about on Friday... Stay tuned!