Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pizza joint in Batu Feringghi

Last Friday while in Penang, I wanted to bring gf out to a nice dinner and couldn't think of a cheap an appropriate place to go... till I remember this pizza place in Batu Feringghi. I had not been there for almost 5 years and I wasn't sure if the shop was still around- I didn't even know for sure how to get there. Anyhow, it was worth a try.

Fortunately, I could still find the place right after Holiday Inn. From the main road, just drive till you pass the Batu Feringghi police station and make the first turn on the right. After that, keep driving and you'll see the signboard.

We parked the car and walked to Kompleks Bayusenja. Some renovation has been done since my last visit but yeah, the pizza joint was still there.

Don't think this was here before

Besides the pizza joint, the complex also serves seafood and indian food. It looks like the place caters for the local since I hardly see any foreigner there. Most of the people were there for the seafood- must be pretty good then. Perhaps, next trip I'll take my mom and OCD bro there.

Sorry, dunno the name of the joint

A little Indian girl came to our table and asked if we wanted Indian food. She was so C-U-T-E! We had already planned to order pizzas and I felt kinda bad saying "no, thank you" to her.

If you're early, you can have a breathtaking view of the sunset

Anyway, we waster no time in ordering our food. I went for Malaysia Delights, one of those fusion pizzas, while gf order something with pepperoni(can't remember the name- sound so italian!).

Great expectation

And we were not disappointed

All in all, the food was great and the price reasonable- 2 freshly made large pizzas for about RM35. A good place to hang out with your buddies or to simply impress your gf on how good you are at finding great pizzas in Penang. Wonder why I hadn't thought of this place before...