Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I wanna be a fatboy gain weight

Last Sunday after my combat class, I got a comment from a member who had not been in my class for a while.

"Lei sau cho hou tor!"(You lost a lot weight!)

Her friend Carlos also nodded in agreement.... Arrgh!(I was thinking of blogging about Carlos at the end but on 2nd thought, he deserves a seperate entry)

Actually ever since I came to KL, I've been losing weight- not because I have been eating less, but I've been working out more. I've tried to eat more in fact but still every now and then people would comment, " You lost weight again ah?"

So today, I'm making a couple of resolutions:

1. I will take my Ensure religiously

I bought it earlier this year but so far I've not been taking it consistently. This nutritional powder is NOT a muscle builder but it's supposed to provide "complete and balanced nutrition for use as a meal replacement, tube feeding or as a nutritional supplement"- the basic stuff you give to terminal patients.

Anyhow, my resolution is to take it in the afternoon, mixing it with 3-in-1 Milo. Ensure sure tastes a lot better than the whey & egg powder I used to take when I started going to gym in Sydney, but I'm not a vanilla person. I'll just finish this and buy a chocolate flavoured one.

2. I will eat more protein and not just carbohydrate

Gf said that the reason I'm losing weight is because I'm not eating enough protein- char koay teow at Paramout PJ may be nice but the carbo I eat during lunch is normally used up by the end of my second class. Therefore, I should take more protein like tofu and meat for lunch instead.

Aitelyu, I think I can blame my loss of weight to the fact that this lady at SS2 food court has not been operating her western food stall for more than a month. I used to eat fish n' chips with gf after my tuesday axis classes but she's not around all this while- apparently she's taking care of her daughter who just delivered(according to another stall owner) but it's been more than a month already leh! Today we're going there again and if she's not around still, I'm going to order from the other stall even though the guy's tartar sauce sucks isn't that nice.

3. I will eat supper every now and then

I used to be a strong advocate against supper, but not anymore I think. Supper is probably the most unhealthy meal because Malaysians in general love the mamak food to death, espeically the roti canai and curry stuff. At the rate I'm going, I think eating nasi kandar/roti canai could probably do me good.

4. I will pretend to work hard in class

Just as much as I want to make the fourth resolution, I don't think this can ever be achieved. The moment I step in the class and the music starts, I become someone else- an instructor. My sole purpose standing/sitting in front is to inspire and motivate the members, who came not to get a half-hearted instructor showing them how to work hard, but a dedicated instructor who works hard with them. When I see the members, I somehow forget about how bad the day has been or how tired I am, and just give them the best I could give.

No, it's not a commitment. It's more than that.... it's a PASSION.

5. I will hang around thin people to make me look fatter