Friday, September 23, 2005

Yesterday's Les Mills launch

Welcome to the 3rd Quater Les Mills launch at Fitness First Damansara Uptown.

I went straight from my office. This is what greeted me when I got there.

That's my name...

Jacq and a couple of ppl were at a table selling the new tops for the launch. I got mine from Jacq as I was launching BodyCombat. After changing my clothes, I went straight to watch the BodyJam class in action.

(note to self: Must get good camera next year!)

"stop, in the name of LOVE..."

Suaimi and Jeremy were dancing their way into the hearts of the members. Suaimi is the Grope Group-X Coodinator for FF Summit while Jeremy is a fellow Group-X Instructor like yours truly. Incidently, this is the 2nd time for Jeremy and I to work as colleagues- we were in Padini back in 2000.

As you can tell, some were really letting it all out! Check out Evelyn, the lady in front!

Jeremy doing something cool...

Up next: BodyPump!!!

Your BodyPump presenters: leng lui and Ben

Members setting up for class

I decided to join the class since it's the easiest way to learn the new release.

"Good job, team!"

This guy was a regular when I was teaching BC there

Half way through the class, there was loud music coming from the other room- RPM has begun!

Here we see the members working hard in the last mountain climb track.

If you don't sweat in RPM, something is wrong with you

Horny Herny and Jon Wong presented RPM

BodyStep continued where BodyPump left off, and it was Jacq and Suaimi's turn to show their stuff.

That's Jeremy with the camera

"If you're new, please raise your hand..."

Listening to the final instruction...

My apologies that I cannot show you the class in action as the pictures I took came out very crappy. (2nd Reminder: Must get good quality digicam)

Last but not least, it was finally time for some ruthless agression with BodyCombat!

I passed the camera to leng lui to take pictures and I forgot to ask her to take the class in action. Again, the camera was a big letdown and there's nothing much to show you. Ben kick started with the first 5 tracks and I finished them off. I was nervous going into this one, and when I took over from track 6, I tried to relax myself and enjoy the music. When Muay Thay comes in, it was a whole different story. I think I didn't say much in that track- merely went "Arrrrghhhhh!!!!" together with the music. This release's Muay Thay has easy choreography but it is energy zapping!!! I went straight into the last Power track, then did the push-up/abs workout before we finish the night with a beautiful cooldown, inspired by the movies The Last Samurai and Lord of the Rings.

One for the album

Like the top the instructors are wearing? You can purchase any of them at RM25 on the new launch day of the gyms. I particularly like the BodyPump and BodyComabt for guys and the BodyJam for ladies. Maybe I will take a couple of shots for Monday's blog.

"Hi, I'm leng lui!"

Leng Lui's name is Janis. She is the Senior Group-X Coordinator overseeing FF Cheras Leisure Mall and also helping Jacq with a couple of other gyms.

Herny, the coordinator for FF Damansara Uptown, is the one in blue and the lady on the right is Lynn, the coordinator from FF Menara Maxis.

what is her hand doing?

Finally we have Janis standing next to the most powerful woman in Group-X,... my National Group-X Manager, Jacqueline Wong. Jacq is trained in BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyStep, BodyJam, RPM, BodyBalance, BodyBeautiful, BodySlam, BodySnatch, Bodywhatevernot. She is also a Master Trainer for BodyStep.

Sorry guys, Jacq is married... but I think Janis is not, dunno still available or not though. However, if you are keen to know her, here are 2 options:

1) Join Fitness First Cheras Leisure Mall if it is convenient for you. She's based there, so you will get a lot of opportunities to see her. Otherwise, you can join any other FF since she teaches there as well.

2) Give me your name, phone number, age, and attach a passport-size photo, and send it to I will pass your details to her...

Overall, it was a fun night for me, though I was exhausted after the class. Something about being in a launch sort of pushed me to work a little harder yesterday- I almost had cramps on my right thigh and foot just as I was about to go to bed. Nevertheless, I look forward to the next 2 launches at Cheras Leisure Mall and Wisma Consplant Subang.

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