Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Things to take note when you visit me

(Note: This is one entry my OCD bro should never EVER read.)

Don't let this thing fool you- this is a furniture.

my brother's best friend

Does anyone you know leave his/her vacuum cleaner in the living room? Well, this is a permanent feature in the living room. My OCD brother leaves it lying around since he always uses it a couple of time in a day. Come to think of it, the worst thing that could happen to him is for this vacuum cleaner to rosak...

Please also remember that there are a couple of things you should not do when you're here. (Thanks to my eldest bro for being kind enough to demo!)

no hand on the cushion

Please note that the pillows on the couch are for display only. Therefore you should never put your arm on it for added comfort. By doing so, you will dirty the cushion cover. Not too sure whether you can use it for back support either.

Rule #2
no foot on the table

This is a common mistake my dad used to make. Foot MUST remain on the floor at all times. Reason? It will dirty the coffee table lor...

Rule #3
no sleeping on the couch not putting your foot up

This one is a bit complicated. You should NEVER do anything on the couch(i.e.eating, sleeping, crossing your leg, etc). In fact, sitting on the couch is NOT ENCOURAGED as it will dirty and soften the cushion of the couch. However, if you really must sit on it, please take note of the arrangement of the pillows as you are required to put everything back in order.

There are other rules and regulations you need to observe, especially in the kitchen area, unfortunately cannot take picture anymore coz OCD bro came out of his bedroom to watch TV already. Maybe next time....