Monday, September 05, 2005

Final practice

Last Friday night, the tribe met at Fitness First Menara John Hancock right after my Body Pump class for a last practice. Didn't really do much but corrected their technique and helped them to remember the choreography.

The guy behind is not part of the act

Jean, who is not participating anymore, was there too.

"Just trying to be supportive..."

Most of the time it was the final opportunity to get everything right. Call me a perfectionist, but techniques are very important to me(which leads to one problem, that I will digress later).

"Not when I'm drinking!!!"

Huh? Your friend said I pretty meh?

You wanna take pic, just take lah- I couldn't care less anymore...

OK, now you can shoot me...

Since I only had about 1 hour's break before my RPM class, break was short and we went back to work.

Yeah ladies.... show me clean armpits!

FF Menara Summit, here we come!