Thursday, September 08, 2005

Old flame

Before I really knew her, she was already well known among the blokes. Even the ladies talked about how good and beautiful she was. I had always wanted to make her part of my life but I often wondered if she was way above my league.

Eventually in 1996, we started our relationship right before I left for my studies in Sydney. And throughout my time there, I took pride in having her beside me wherever I went. Sure, I had others that came along during that period, but deep down inside she was the one I loved the most.

Then something happened. After checking with some of my friends, I began to suspect that maybe she wasn't as trustworthy after all. I have entrusted her to take care of me, but somehow she might have been more interested in my money only. Slowly and surely, we began to drift apart and in 2001, after one incident which I shall not digress yet, I decided that enough was enough- I told her that she would need to show me more care and protection or I would never ever be with her again.

I thought that it would be the end of our relationship, but alas, we crossed path again in 2003 when I joined Fitness First. She was still as beautiful as ever-if not more- and apparently she had gone through some changes. Even though we met almost everyday at the gym, I tried to stay away from her and stick to the others. But slowly, I was beginning to let my guard down and finally I warmed up to her. I discovered that she was actually collaboraing with the gym on a long term basis. So, there's no way I could ever avoid her again.

As months went by, the more I spent time observing her the more I learned to trust her again. However, there was still one big barrier that was preventing from trust her completely. But, now that I am working for Fitness First, we have become- sort of- a TEAM.... and Tuesday night, she finally gave me a dare; a challenge to trust her completely with my whole being.... including my feet.

Introducing my first sponsored Nike shoes.

The model is Nike Shox 45 for cross training, and they couldn't have come at a better time- my old Adidas outsoles are very thin now. I've not used Nike shoes since the 1st generation Presto I bought in 2001. Sure, the Presto were very comfortable walking shoes but they provide no ankle support- a couple of times I twisted my ankles on uneven ground. For a pair of shoes that costed RM250, I felt then that I was being ripped off. It was then that I decided not to buy any Nike product.

However, after working out at the gym, I began to have quite a lot of people using Nike products that I started buying the tops for my classes. To be honest, I totally love the Nike Dri-FIT, Sphere tops but I was still hesitant about getting Nike shoes.

As a part-time with Fitness First, I had been getting sponsored Nike products but this is my first pair of sponsored shoes.

Like any other Nike shoes, this pair of shoes looks great! I have not tried them in my classes yet but this time round, I'm more confident in them now. I took my sister shopping in July before she went back to Shanghai and she bought a pair of nike trainers. So far she said that the shoes have been excellent. If only I can get my hands of the Nike Free...

Besides the shoes, I also got the following stuffs: