Monday, September 26, 2005

My final thoughts on Malaysian Idol

This is my last time talking about Malaysian Idol competition till 2006. There are better things to think about... like my Bangkok trip.

So, Did Daniel deserve the win?

Let's review the reasons some people say he deserved it:

1) He is multi-talented
Yes, he can write his own songs and play some musical instruments. But does that make him a good singer? It's like saying that a good pharmacist will naturally be a good doctor, or a good surgical instrument maker will turn out to be a good surgeon. That remains to be seen.

2) He's got a huge fan base
How many? He got 1.2 million votes in the final, but that does not mean he had 1.2 million people voting for him. A friend at the gym told me that her maid was going to vote for Daniel 20 times! I'd like to see in future competitions where the organizers could adopt a system that allows only 1 vote per phone. I think that would be more fair to the contestants.

3) He improved throughout the contest
Yes he improved as he progressed, but if he were in a singing contest judged by people in the music industry, I doubt he could make an impact. Did anyone look at Abang Roslan and Kak Jee's face during the press conference? They said as much as they could to support Daniel, their expression told me a different story. I could still remember last year's press conference being more relaxed while this year's felt a bit solemn.

To be honest, Nita didn't do well in the final either. Even on Saturday, she was having another off day.... Farah deserves a singing contract out of this- she was FANTASTIC in the final's special presentation! Dinah was very good as well and Jackyln was... well, Jacklyn was still Jacklyn...

Next year, I'm expecting more cute guys in the competiton.