Monday, September 26, 2005

Launch at Cheras Leisure Mall

Sunday was the Les Mills new launch at Fitness First Cheras Leisure Mall. I was scheduled to do BodyCombat with Janis and Calvin. Since I wanted to join the BodyPump class at 1pm, I went to the first church service at 8.30am. So, by 11.15am I was already there.

The entrance

what's inside

That's Eric Ting who is with the sales team. Eric is trained in BodyStep, BodyJam and BodyPump, and last week he completed BodyAttack training as well. He's from East Malaysia but I got to know him in Penang when we both joined FF as members. Like me, he's very passionate about group exercises.

And here we have another GX coordinator, Crystal Tan. She takes care of FF Menara SPK. The BodyBalance top on the left is for sale at RM25. We have sold most of the tops actually- my girlfriend wanted to get a BodyJam top but they didn't have her size anymore- should've bought it for her on Thursday...*sigh*

The treadmill area is quite big, but it was kinda quiet that day. I think most people were going for the new launch. After all, it's always more fun to workout in the studio than doing it on your own.

The juice bad for member to relax and read newspapers

When I reached there, BodyStep had just concluded and up next was BodyBalance.

Nicholas and Klevin(no, I didn't not mispell his name) did the launch. Nick is the coordinator for FF Menara John Hancock while Klevin is a fellow Group-X instructor.(note to self: really need a good camera!)

members in action

Since I pimped for Janis, a lot of guys have expressed interest in knowing her. Here we have the hopefuls lining up to submit their info and have their photos taken by Janis. Apparently she will go through the data and select a few for the second round. The members were lining up for BodyPump. It's time to get Pumped up!

Mr Incredible Wes Carter is in da house!

BodyPump was presented by Crystal and our resident kwai lo, Wes Carter. Wes is the Master Trainer for BodyPump and RPM and he also oversees us as the head teacher for BodyPump and RPM at FF.

That's Klevin trying out BodyJam wearing a BodyBalance top. I think Klevin should apply for next year's Malaysian Idol contest because he's cute.... SURE CAN WIN!

Jacq gettin' jiggy with it!

On the right is Riyo, coordinator for FF The Curve. Riyo is Japanese and she's a fantastic instructor on stage- actually together with Jacq, they are my gf's favourite BJ instructors. They are also one of the many reasons I will never do BodyJam- I can't look as good as them.

Wes and Lynn also did the launch for RPM.

Don't let his expression fool you- He's having a ball riding it.

Didn't take any picture of the BodyCombat because the camera batteries decided to raise the white flag. Anyhow, it was another fun day for us and the members, especially. Tonight will be my last participation in the new launch as I will be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow morning.

So, unless I can get access to the internet, there won't be any blogging till next Monday...