Monday, September 12, 2005

Surprise, surprise

What's better that 1 pair of FREE Nike shoes?

2 pairs of FREE Nike shoes!

Introducing my Nike Spin Trainer.

This is the best picture I could get from the net, though mine is actually silver and navy blue and not black as shown.

I really didn't see this coming. Yesterday morning I got an sms from Leng Lui(a senior group-x coordinator- I call her leng lui for obvious reasons) that my Nike shoes were with her. I was puzzled since I wasn'' cheating on my gf and left my shoes with Leng Lui at her place as I had already collected my Nike shoes from Mommy(another senior group-x coordinator). Turned out that I got this one for cycling.

I tried the shoes yesterday evening and the cutting is slightly smaller than the regular Nike shoes- after all, it's for studio cycling. Fortunately, I can still wear 'em without much discomfort(another RPM instructor couldn't wear his).

Though thankful for the 2nd pair, I am sort of caught in a situation as to what to do with it. I am already using Sidi cycling shoes with Look pedals so I would definitely not wear this Spin Trainer for my RPM. In moments like this, thank God for eBAY that I can sell my shoes for cash After much consideration, I'm gonna keep this for a while and maybe use them later for Body Combat. I think they will look stunning when I do my side kicks.

Speaking of Body Combat, last Friday we had a Body Combat tuition with Jacq. Jacq gave a feedback to this guy that his technique has improved much; no longer he is a Body Jam instructor who teaches Body Combat, but a Body Combat instructor. That comment made me think about myself as an instructor. I am currently doing Body Combat, RPM, and Body Pump and I wonder where I am. Am I:

a) A Body Combat instructor who teaches RPM and Body Pump?
b) An RPM instructor who teaches Body Combat and Body Pump?
c) A Body Combat and RPM instructor who teaches Body Pump?
d) An instructor who is trying to teach Body Combat, RPM and Body Pump?

I am neither trained in martial arts nor race cycling- the closest things were imagining myself as a kung fu master(as a kid) and cycling to buy groceries/food. As for weight training, my first experience with weights was in 1998 after being dumped by my S'porean ex(yeah, low self-esteem).

I wish I could ask my gf where I stand as an instructor, but since she worships me, she'll probably say I'm the greatest instuctor in the universe she could be biased- so the search for an answer goes on...

If I may list down my favourite programmes, the order will be this:

1)Body Combat
2)Body Pump

However, at the moment 60% of my classes is RPM, and 20% each for Body Combat and Body Pump. I wish I could do more combat but the fact of the matter is we are short of RPM instructors. Some more we have quite a number of BC and BP instructors around so the pie is pretty small for everyone to share. Hopefully with more gyms opening next year, I can secure more BC and BP classes. Another encouraging fact is with the conclusion of 2 RPM instructor trainings, there are now more RPM instructors to help us out.

Maybe next year I'll do Body Balance? (If you're reading this, Jacq... You can't pay me enough to do Body Jam!!!)