Thursday, September 22, 2005

Malaysian Idol or Malaysian Idiot?

This Saturday, we have the rare priviledge to decide who we want to be our ambassador to the world and I urge you fellow Malaysians to choose wisely.

Some may argue that the Malaysian Idol competition this year is not as exciting as last year because we don't see a standout performer like Jac(we are also more concerned about the rising cost of living nowadays) but a decision has to be made on who will be our next Malaysian Idol.

Cuteness Appearance seems to be an important factor for some a lot of people- take a look at who is still in the race so far. Nowadays, with a marketing plan, you can sell almost anything, eg. F4. Please don't tell me F4 did so well in their debut because of their singing ability. Granted, they can sing.... but so can William Hung. For me, I don't patron a char koay teow stall because the lady who serves me is a cute girl.

Anyway, back to the Malaysian Idol final. Please, if you are going to vote, choose someone you can be proud of- one who has SUBSTANCE.

On another note, my gf is still in the running for the Cornetto Love In Tune contest. For more info, please read this previous entry. Last day of voting is 23 Sept at 5pm. Apparently they are going to announce the winners between 26 Sept and 30 Sept.... hopefully we will come back from Bangkok and get some good news!