Thursday, September 01, 2005

How I spent my Merdeka...

This normally doesn't happen to me but I actually went shopping with 3 ladies yesterday. Before you think I was in ABC(alligator, buaya, crocodile) mode, let me clarify they are my tribe members for the upcoming Nike Tribal Challenge: My gf, Ann, and Jean. The last member, Evie, couldn't make it because she was have stomach pain probably her aunty is visiting her again, if you ask me.

We met at Mid Valley City and started our shopping at Studio R for our wraps. Everyone was late except my gf and I. Anyhow, eventually Jean turned up, followed by Ann. We had planned to get black wraps for our hands since we wanted to wear red top with black bottom, but unfortunately they only have red ones. I then suggested that Ann, Jean and I should wear black top with red wraps and I could lend my 2 black wraps to my gf and Evie. So Ann and Jean got their red wraps while I bought a bright yellow one for my own use in class. We then proceeded to look at other shops like Why Pay More?, My Dance Shop, and Puma(because Ann wanted a pair pumas). I tried to help out with the clothe selections but realised that my feminine side has gone dormant for far too long since my uni days(when I was hanging out with 5 female uni-mates then). I decided to stop helping because my taste was obviously out of sync with theirs; besides, it felt a bit too gay.

After Ann for her Puma shoes, we decided to have our lunch... which was when I remembered my camera in my waist bag. So I took it out and tried to take Ann and Jean's picture.

"darn that cup!"

This is Ann. She's in her 20's (though she looks very young because of her petite build) and works as a medical saleslady with a renown company. She was the person who left her number at the front desk of FF Subang Jaya for me. Apparently she used to attend my Friday combat classes there before I moved to another location but when I first met her, I could not remember seeing her before(I still can't!)... maybe I'm getting old or she's too short for me to notice.

She didn't really want her pictures to be taken, especially after my gf said that I was going to publish them on my blog. However, Jean was more than happy to help me with it.

Thanks for being a good sport!

Jean is also in her 20's and she works as an auditor with a top accounting firm... which is quite odd because she doesn't look nor behave like one since people who deal with numbers are the most boring people in the world. Like Ann, she looks much younger than her age. When I first met her, I thought she was still studying!

Evie(might as well mention her too though she wasn't around), who should be in her 20's as well, is Ann's colleague. She's quite tall, probably around 5ft7in or so. Because of her long limbs, she faces the same problem like me... we both have to work a little harder to look strong with our Body Combat execution.

While we ate and chatted I tried to take Ann's picture again but she spotted me...

"No, no, no...."

I'm not going to give up, I told myself.

After lunch, Ann and Jean wanted to have some Baskin Robbins because of the 31% discount. So they headed for their ice-cream while I went down to the car park area to get a quick hair cut at X-Cut. RM15 for a 15 min cut was not bad a deal(too bad my camera battery was weak and I wanted to try to shoot Ann again later).

When we went back to Baskin Robbins, we found Ann and Jean eating away their quart. It was exactly at their moments of ecstasy and vulnerability that I managed to do this.

YES! I've got you!

By the time she realised it, it was too late. So they did the next best thing: continue to indulge in their Baskin Robbins.

Ta-dah... Finsihed!

Once they're done, We went straight to FF Summit for our practice. Miraculously, Evie was no longer in pain(gas, she said) and would be meeting us there.

So we practise in the mini studio together, again me helping them to fine-tune their techniques. Overall, things look much better but my main concern now is their side kick execution. Hopefully the other tribes are having similar problems because doing beautiful side and roundhouse kicks are probably a huge challenge; even some instructors can't get it right.

We practised for about 1 hour and we also took a look at the main studio where our competition will be held this Saturday. We sorted out our position and by then, the gym was closing( the gym closed at 5pm because of public holiday).

We changed our clothes(Ann, Jean, and Evie didn't bathe) and went our separate ways since my gf and I were going to watch Red Eye at GSC. Somehow we bumped into them again on our way to the cinema and my gf decided to have some tom yam, sort of like a prelude to our holidays.

By the time she's done, it was almost 6pm and we bade farewell to the three ladies and left... but not before I took a shot at Evie- she's the one in the middle.

Next practice: Friday 8pm at FF Menara John Hancock!