Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How do you know you're in Bangkok


Ahh... land of the rot tit

Yeah, we reached Bangkok around 9.30am local time and didn't really do much yesterday. We slept through the afternoon before heading to World Central Plaza, Bangkok's answer to Sungei Wang Plaza. It's currently going through renovation and it's scheduled for re-launch in June 2006. We had snacks before we went to Lumpini to visit the Suan Lum Night Bazaar. The place is huge... you can do your shopping/bargaining for great stuff here. OCD bro asked me to get him a leather waller around RM20. I saw one and the seller said normally he sold it for 1250 baht, but for me he would give 600 baht. Anyhow, at the end I bought it for 300 baht. Gf and I also bought some other stuff before we headed to the Lumpini Stadium to watch the Muay Thay matches.

Don't have much to blog- only 20 mins free from the hostel. So will do more when I come back to KL. However, do visit this blog from time to time for some short updates.

Before I forget, if anyone is thinking of visiting Bangkok, you may be interested to know that the exchange rate offered at the Bangkok International Airport is RM9.13 for 100 baht- we exchanged all out money at Mid Valley for 9.35. So, do think about saving some of your exchange when you are in Bangkok.