Monday, September 05, 2005

Rumble at The Curve

The tribal challenge officially started last weekend. Of the three programmes, my only concern was of course Body Combat. So Last Saturday, immediately after my RPM class in Menara SPK, I rushed to The Curve with my gf to see Terence and Renee in action... and boy I wasn't disappointed!

It's a pity I didn't bring my camera that day. When I reached there, the first tribe led by You was presenting track 2 and 3 from the current BC release. From outside, the tribe looked pretty disorganised. The tribe members seem lost at times, not knowing what was coming next. They're gonna be steamrolled by Terence and Renee, I thought to myself.

Terence's tribe was next. All his tribe members(all females) wore black camisoles and he was wearing his BC top. They also had dogtags around their necks(though Terence lost his after the presentation) and with black wraps on their fists and black/white army fatigues bottoms, they really looked the part!!! They presented power track 1 from BC23 and track 6 from BC24. Techniquelly the tribe members were not that good but it was fun watching them. For track 6, Terence even started the track like a drill sarge with a cigar in his mouth and a revolver!!! The tribe members didn't look nervous(if they were) and they seemed to be having loads of fun.

Next on was Renee's tribe. They were wearing all black with words like "ARMY", "COMMANDO" on their top. With yellow wraps, they didn't catch that much attention as Terence's tribe, but they were power and energy personified! Their presentation of track 3 from BC16 and track 7 from BC15 were powerful and the moves were well executed, though I wonder how her tribe was allowed to do 2 power tracks(the rules state that tribe must do 2 contrasting tracks). It was a very tight presentation overall.

So who won?

My gf and I both agreed that Terence's tribe was more fun to watch with good showmanship. However, I felt that Renee's tribe had superior technique and should get the win over Terence.

I later found out that Terence's team won the qualifying round because of their showmanship. I was looking too much into the techniques of the tribe members and that proved to be a fatal mistake.

(To be continued...)