Friday, September 02, 2005

Life without bulu ketiak

This is my second day with my armpit hair. So how did it go yesterday?

I am feeling a bit of discomfort- a bit of geseran and sticky.... makes me wonder how did the ladies(and some guys for that matter) can tahan this. Gotta remember to buy talcum powder to smoothen the skin later.

So I don't think this will be a permanent thing for me. The hair must come back once the tribal challenge over. At most, I will probably just trim it in future so that it doesn't resemble a wild bush. And just because I have nothing better to do, I have a link for you to go HERE.

Speaking of the challenge, looks like Jean will not be joining us anymore. She will be flying to KK on Sunday morning for work and won't be back til 16 Sept. Even if we were to enter our team at the last gym to have the challenge(15 Sept at FF Wisma Consplant), it will still be too late. I will check with the judges on Sunday if Jean can participate in the later stage should we make it to the semi-finals. Not hoping much though...

My tribe is slotted to compete this Sunday FF Menara Summit at 2.15pm. But the one to watch is still the clash between Renee and Terence at 4pm FF the Curve this Saturday. It's such a pity they are facing off in the first round because I think both tribes are worthy of a place in the finals. No offence to any other tribes competing there, but I think the winners of The Curve will be one of these 2 tribes -Maybe the losing tribe will then be given a wildcard entry to the next round too.

Seems to me that most combat tribes are doing muay thay tracks. I can understand that muay thay tracks give you a lot of chances to show power and aggression in the competition but the tribes should also consider the execution of the elbows. A lot of people, including some combat instructors, can't do the elbows properly and it will spoil the tracks. I had wanted to do power track 1 but my tribe members wanted muay thay so I had no choice. So, I chose one which I think is an easier muay thay to do. Hope things will turn out fine this Sun.

I will try to take some pictures of our tribe and let you all know the outcome of the preliminary round.