Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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Didn't really think I would do this but somehow after reading some comments at a particular forum got me into writing my experience with Fitness First.

I started as a member in July 2003 when FF opened its branch in Penang. My sole purpose of joining the gym then was to do some body building(I'd slacked off since I started working in 1999). I was with a small gym then but I was only paying Rm50 a month and that wasn't motivating enough for me to be consistent. So, I figured that if I were to pay more for the subscription, I would be "encouraged" to go regularly.

Up till then, I had no idea what group exercises was about- it was a lady friend who asked me to join her to do Body Combat. Since the name "Combat" sounded macho, I followed her to an afternoon class one Wednesday(I was still doing sales, so got long lunch hours). I had fun but I paid the price- body was in pain for about 3-4 days. It was then I found my passion with group exercises.

From Body Combat I ventured to Body Pump and Body Step as well, but I stayed away from RPM because it was torturous inside the cycling studio! Honestly, I had imagined myself teaching Body Combat and Body Pump but never in the world even thought of attending RPM classes as a particpant!

Eventually I got my training in BC in March last year and that was how I started teaching. Now I do an average of 2 classes per day except Wednesday which is my gym Sabbath. I am also in the process of taking up another 1-2 classes on weekdays and maybe convert Saturday into my Sabbath.

You can probably tell from this blog that I enjoy the gym stuff more than my full-time job. If I were any younger, I might just resign from my desk job and go full time fitness industry... or maybe still not too late to do that?