Friday, July 08, 2005


Fancy getting some goose bumps? Go read Danny and Su Yin.

Wah lau... In hokkien this is what we call a "mor kui chang" moment... Darn, feel like blogging about something similar, but it's just too mushy-lah. The closest thing I ever blogged about my gf is when I was talking about the boy who had periods.

If I ever want to blog about her... I'd probably not do it coz she reads my blog and it would seem a bit odd(at least for me) not to tell her face-to-face instead how much I appreciate her; somehow, doing it here would sound as if I'm bragging and not blogging(yeah, she's THAT great!).

So, I'll just blog about whatever that pops out of the space between my 2 ears-lah...

Next week is mom's 70th birthday celebration when we'll be in Penang for the dinner. Hopefully I will be able to snap a few pictures of us singing(she sings very well, almost as good as me). Unfortunately, she will still remain anonymous on the blog. She has actually given her permission to publish her face but I chose not to because of certain reasons. Maybe one day I will change my mind, but for the time being....Naaaaahhhh!

It's not a bad thing right? At least everyone will be wondering how she looks like(unless you have already met her in person!)...