Thursday, July 14, 2005

1 year ago

NOTE: Today's entry is a little bit personal. If you are my colleagues reading this blog, I request that you respect my privacy by not disclosing any of today's blog to other colleagues.

I am bored here.

2 days to go before I head back to Penang, and 1 day before the company goes to Langkawi for our annual sports club holidays. I didn't plan to join the trip this year anyway, so everything works out pretty well in the end. 1 year ago we went to Kota Kinabalu and a couple of us extended our stay to hike up Mt Kinabalu with an ex-colleague- Funny how he was the one who suggested the idea and then resigned before the trip actually took place. In the end, he took a flight from KL to KK just to join us for the climb. Guess he just had to do it- the last attempt he had to quit halfway because of difficulty breathing on high altitude.

in case you missed the one I posted earlier

In retropect, last year's trip was somewhat a life-changing experience for me. My gf was working in the same company then and she was part of the group that stayed back for Mt Kinabalu. Back then we were pretty close to each other but we were "just friends"(due to some "unresolved issues" on my part). Anyhow, it was after the sports club trip that made me realise how much I missed her(I was still based in Pg and she in KL). If either one of us had not gone, things could've been much different now.

(OMG, I'm getting mushy with my blog! Danny is such a bad influence!)

It was after the trip that rumours were going around in the company that we were an item. I was cool with it(guy what, must always stay cool even under the hot sun). However, we still didn't start anything yet and so she wasn't too happy about it. Actually we think the rumour was started by another colleague(who has also left the company) whom we shall call her hor li chi(HLC for short). Everywhere also we kena teased by our colleagues, Pg and KL alike. We strongly denied everything(which was the truth then) and even after we got together, we still denied it(none of their business anyway!). We only told a manager in the company since she sort of played a minor role in getting us to know each other.

Eventually hot news became old news and now, I think nobody cares anymore without HLC fanning the fire. Besides, my gf has left the company and it's no longer office romance. We go to the shopping malls quite often in the Klang Valley and it's surprising that so far, nobody from office has seen us together yet. There was one time in Mid Valley, we were eating at Shakey's and her former manager was sitting right in front of us and yet he totally missed us- guess he was too indulged in his ice- cream.

So life in the office has been pretty straight forward since- the only exciting thing is when it's 5.30pm and I rush to the gym for workout.... Yup, I'm bored here.