Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh brother, I AM Mr Lonely!

There are 3 of us here in my department, not counting my manager. 1 has gone back to Sarawak for the weekend, and the other has gone to Langkawi for the company sports club trip. So now I'm alone in the call centre taking calls. Even more bored than yesterday!

I thinking aloud here... do most people actually plan what to blog about before they start typing? I can look back at my own blogs and honestly, most of my entries(like this one) started without the end in mind. I may start with an idea and in the end, completely go the other direction. There were, of course, a couple of deliberate bloggings but it's not been anything pleasant. The best effort I put in for my blog offended some birdman photographer.

So today, it's gonna be one of those "write-as-I-think" blogging. I can't go out for lunch today since I need to be on standby for the phone calls. Maybe later will make another entry since:

1) I'm bored
2) I get less calls on Fridays
3) No si lai colleagues to talk about important issues, eg. why sell Viera, is Matt......

(1 hour later)

Had to stop for a while when the phone keeps ringing! I think I'll leave it here and do another entry later on...