Friday, July 01, 2005

Minishorts sucks...

... because of internet explorer!!

Can someone explain this?
the words are so small!!!

Is there anyway I could make the words bigger? Everytime I want to read her blog, I need to copy everything and paste it on Word!!! I wish I could install firefox but I'm using office computer and it's password controlled...


Azmeen said...

Go to Tools
-> Internet Options
General Tab
-> Click the "Accessibility" button (bottom right)
Tick the "Ignore font sizes specified on web pages" checkbox.
Click OK

se7en said...

Blame it on the weatherman. IE is perfectly fine. Your font setting is set to smallest. What do you expect?

Go to view > text size and set it to medium.. or largest if you still can't see.

S-Kay said...

if you don't wanna go through the this

hold CTRL and use your mouse scroll to increase or decrease size by pushing your mouse scroll up or down

irene said...

I view through Internet Explorer all the time and it is fine. It's probably your browser's font size settings that are wonky. Do what se7en said.