Thursday, July 28, 2005

ICQ conversation

Me: just had a small talk with gf....
WC: about wat?
Me: about looks and stuff...
WC: ur looks?
Me: she said that when she first saw me in office, she thought I was good looking..
Me: Den she said something that sort of cancel out the earlier statement
WC: then now
Me: she said, "Then again, in the company got how many leng chais?"
WC: then u say?
Me: so I said, "basically you're saying that I'm the best smelling salted fish lah???"
WC: then she slap u
Me: no lah.. she just smiled..
WC: so was it a good talk?
Me: and den later she said something lagi susah to swallow...
Me: she said "dunno why you look better then..."

WC: mayb u did?
Me: *sigh*

The talk about brotherly support is overated.