Friday, July 08, 2005

How to increase your hits

Basically I think I've figured out the a couple of ways to get people to visit a blog:

1) Spice it up!
From past experience, using any word or phrase in your titles that is associated with sex get anyone's attention to take a peak at what's going on. Try putting "Sarong Party Girl" as your title, ping it,... sit back and relax as the people keep coming and coming(no pun intended). Of course, be prepared for their "^&$% ur *%$# for bluffing me!" comments though...

2) Hey, I know Kenny Sai... I mean Sia!
I find this even more effective than sex. Nowadays we're spoilt for choices... any name will do. For example, the post on minishorts got me more than 200 hits.

3) Look Ma... No hands!
Just use some funny or intriguing lines as your titles will do the trick as well. Simon seems to be quite good at this.

4) What time is it?
The best time to ping is in the afternoon, somewhere around lunch time. I've not pinged after 5pm or before 8am, but I noticed that a lot of people seem to be quite free to visit Project Petaling Street at that time... which brings me to the obvious question:"Doesn't anyone eat out anymore?"

Once you've got their attention, here comes the tough one... actually writing something worthwhile for people to come back. But if you get your act right, people will be so hooked on to your blog that no matter what crap you blog about also, they will still come back to you.

Anyone else has any ideas please let me know...