Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mom's birthday bash Pt. 1

NOTE: Today is photo-whoring day.

Last Saturday night we celebrated mom's 70th birthday at Gurney Hotel in Penang.

It is actually her 70th birthday... plus 1 for lunar calendar.

The main table.

the tables are ready.

Officially the dinner is supposed to start at 7.30pm but being proud Malaysians, I'm quite sure most of the guests would all adhere to the Malaysian time concept.

They were the first to arrive.

Suprisingly, guests started coming in by around 7.00pm- maybe they wanted to avoid the traffic jam if they were late- after all, the place is next to a night spot. Some even came with extra people- children(we specifically didn't invite children). So by 7.30pm, the hall was 70-80% full.

Of course, there are still those who insist on showing how "Malaysian" they are...

Decided that enough was enough, we went ahead with the dinner without the latecomers...

That's me escorying my mom in.

NEXT: The food, the dance, and the singing