Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mini Blogger Conference in Penang...

Note: today's blog can be a bit boring, coz it is about what took place in the weekend after my mom's birthday celebration.

Last Sunday while in Penang, I managed to find some time to meet up a couple of buddies at Danny's. We had mee sua with chicken for dinner before we move on to something urgent- wokring on our blogs. Leslie was late, so the three of us(me, Danny, Mike) got started first. The first thing we looked at, I think, was how my blog looked like on Firefox. My blog certainly looked crappy with the columns going nuts. Fortunately in Danny we have a Master in Information Technology to save the day- now my blog looks kinda okay on Firefox. Gosh, he looks more like his father nowadays, especially around the belly area.

"Boring? But I'm a Master you know..."

Mike was in a good mood- he went to Kuala Gula again to collect more ciao take pictures. While Danny and I(plus my gf) were meddling with Danny's laptop, he decided to lie on the bed and show off his hairy legs(not a lot, compared to a gorilla).

put your own caption here

Later Leslie finally decided to show his butt and we also took a look at his pink-ish blog. Since Mike brought his dad's laptop, we were able to do quite some serious work with 2 laptops. There are actually 2-3 more computers outside but we wanted to stay in his room(yup, his home is a GREAT place to steal computers).

"When I grow up, I wanna be a blogger!"

With Mike and Danny's help, we managed to get Leslie to show some of his machismo on his blog. Now things look more normal for him, though the shoutbox is still in pink.

Dunno why I took this pic

3 cool dudes and a numb skull not paying attention

The numb skull finally paying attention, but nobody cares anymore...

At the end, we finished the gathering with a few rounds of chor tai tee and then it was "good-bye and see you next time!"