Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things you'll not see me do for a long time...

Yesterday night I attended the BODYJAM® launch with gf in Fitness First Menara Summit by Jacq & You(not "you" you, but YOU-his surname is You). Can't say that I didn't have fun, but I think I shall stick to what I'm familiar with.

I think I have injured my right knee on Tuesday in FF Menara Axis. Every time I move, I get this little tingling in my knee cap- not enough to hinder my movement, but darn annoying. It might have gotten worse after last night's BODYJAM®. Will try to get a knee guard tonight before class and ice it tonight.

Mom came to KL yesterday with eldest bro, which only means OCD will be quite stressed up for the next few days- more people means the castle apartment will likely be messier. Mom made some sort of traditional soup for me and brought it all the way for me- the last time we spoke on the phone, she's sort of worried that I'm working too hard physically.

If I may digress, looks like everybody loves fatboy..... 's properties. So far, he's got offers for his phone number, house, and blog. I shudder that he actually thinks someone may be interested to buy his body. Actually, have to be a bit emphathetic; after all, he's been out of action since the wife got pregnant- his fault anyway

No blogging on Christmas day's presentation yet until I get some photos from church. However, Christmas night gf and I were invited to fatboy's orgy party again.

More unholy indulgence

The last gathering before Raya, he had about 15-20 ppl but this time he really got a bit ambitious with about 40 people. No wonder he had so much food.

Most of the people we had met before were not invited this time. So, we had to start all over again, introducing ourselves to fatboy's buddies. After a while, I saw Calvin and I went, "Oh boy, it's gonna be one of those "come-meet-my-favourite-combat- instructor" moments.... *sigh* At least I'm invited too..."

Basically there were four groups of ppl invited that night: the drinking group, the church group, the gym group(through FCI), and the other drinking group. As soon as they were full, it was time for drinking!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm..... Seeeeennnnnnggg!

Since neither gf nor I drink, we decided to move away from the rowdy drinkers and made our way to the church group whom we had met 2 months ago. Looks like people are STILL following my blog... a couple of them asked the familiar question, "So, have you made up your mind?", referring to this entry. Thanks for the concern boys & gals... do follow this blog and you shall be enlightened in due time.

SO it was an eventful Christmas day. Interesting to note that this is my first ever Christmas outside Penang. Oh, this is what gf got for me...

Woo hoo!